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Post Info TOPIC: PLEASE is not a dead language!!

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PLEASE is not a dead language!!

*disclaimer... I am sure none of you are actually guilty of any of this... I just HAVE to vent for a minute because I'm soooo tired and frustrated*

I've been pulling in as many hours as I can at work, and I swear to the heavens that people assume my apron removes my humanity.

I have never been cursed at, yelled at, bitched at, and been treated more rudely in my LIFE than I have in the last week at work.  

What the HELL crawled up everyone's butt this week?  In one day I was called a liar (about something I didn't lie about), and accused of being misleading, and of false advertising!!

The other night, some lady saw a sign for ribbon on sale in one area and just... assumed it meant all the ribbon in ANOTHER area.  When I cleared up the issue for her by reading her the ACTUAL sign, she flipped out and said, "Oh well that's what you always do here at Michael's, you always put up these signs that are sooo misleading, and then get everybody in the end.  You do it really well."

And I wanted to say you know what?  If you just READ the damn sign in the first place instead of going all sale-happy at the mere sight of it, we wouldn't be having this conversation.  I'm so sorry you were too lazy to be bothered to READ the damn sign! Not. My Fault.  Not. My Problem.

What I actually said, very sweetly was, "I'm sorry you feel that way... here at the store all we can do is print the signs corporate says and hang them where corporate tells us to.  Have a lovely evening."

And that was minor!  This whole week has been full of people bitching at me for stuff over which I have ZERO control.  I am not a corporate lacky.  I don't have any power, I have no control.  All I can do is ring up your purchase, process your return, and listen to you CURSE at me because you didn't get your way.


sorry.... it's been a really long week in Retail.

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Is it full moon this week?  LOL  Some people are just not very tactful when it comes to life.  Hang in there!!!


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I don't understand why people think that being rude and ugly to other's is actually going to change something.  That always gets my head scratching.  confused


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